Inspired By Loss shares personal journeys following the loss of loved ones and the ways that they found the strength to go on.  It is a support group in written form to inspire the reader as they learn how others found ways to ease their pain, begin to heal and what they drew upon within themselves.  Honest emotions, beautiful pictures, poetry and comforting music are weaved into the book to provide some solace to anyone impacted by loss.

The Inspiration

I lost my parents and several loved ones to cancer, heart disease, accidents, murder and suicide and have struggled in my own journey through the grieving process. I have also been through a divorce, miscarriage and job loss that are other forms of loss that take us through the similar steps of grieving.

After speaking to others who have ‘walked the walk’, I found that I wasn’t alone.  It was healing for them to share their experiences and it was helpful for me to share mine.  Grief can be a difficult topic.  People tend to avoid discussing death but loss is one thing that everyone experiences in their life in one form or another. Grief doesn’t just stop after the funeral. I found that it didn’t help to just get on with my life and stay busy as so many people advised me to do.  I found that it was damaging to me that I hadn’t really fully allowed myself to deal with my Mother’s death and all of the sudden I lost my Father. 

It was shortly after the loss of my Father that I began to volunteer at the Caring Place for Grieving Children and went through their certification process. I learned so much about the importance of being honest and open about feelings, fear and the roller coaster of emotions. I experienced the positive impact that the program had on the children and their families. 

I have also read many books on death and dying trying to find nuggets that would help me in my own journey. I began to take notice of celebrities and others that shared the impact that a loss of a loved one had on them.  I met people who were starting foundations and raising money for cures.  It was then that the concept of ‘Inspired By Loss’ came to me.  As difficult as loss is, it can inspire us to find ways to remember our loved ones, carry on their memory or support causes that can save others.  It was truly amazing to me how others found the strength to go on after what they have had to deal with. 

For the book, I envisioned a treasure that people could have as a resource when they were grieving or just wanted to ‘feel’. My love of writing, photography, poetry and music gave me the idea to blend all of these together in Inspired By Loss.  I want the reader to find something within the pages and / or on the CD that will provide them comfort or solace as they go through this difficult journey.