Welcome to Inspired by Loss ~ Amazing Ways People Find the Strength to Go On

Loss: the condition of being deprived or bereaved of someone: mourning their loss.

Unfortunately, we will all be impacted by loss at some point in our lives but everyone’s encounter with loss is unique. Loss takes you on a journey that you never are quite prepared for and that journey is like a labyrinth filled with diverse terrains. You will go through twists and turns, and, just when you feel like you have reached a smooth plain, the next thing you know, you are confronted by jagged mountains or a blistering desert.

After experiencing the loss of my parents and several loved ones, I found that I learned so much from speaking with others who have “walked that walk.” I came to realize that I wasn’t alone when there were days I couldn’t bear to get out of bed; that I wasn’t alone in how dramatically my perspective on life changed. I also noticed that when people shared their stories, they found it to be therapeutic and beneficial for them in their own journey.

Inspired By Loss began to take form. I wanted a venue to share real people’s journeys and to provide comfort and warmth during a difficult time…a support group in written form. No matter where you are in your journey, I hope Inspired By Loss will be a resource and maybe even inspire you as you learn how others found ways to ease their pain, begin to heal and what they drew upon within themselves to go on. Hopefully the touching stories, pictures, poetry and comforting music will offer some solace to anyone impacted by loss.